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Hi there! Glad you stopped by! 

Thank you so much for visiting my author site.  I wrote the I'm Sorry Story after a few years of teaching fourth and fifth grades. There is a lot of conflict in life and helping students navigate through taking ownership of their mistakes when they hurt others, and making amends is a necessary skill in life.  I wrote this story to help my students in a way to make it more personal.  I hope to make it a series with other social emotional issues being addressed.  

I'm from St. Joseph, Missouri but spent the last twenty years in Texas.  We recently relocated to Alaska. My husband and I have five children.  We are enjoying the adventure and its challenges. 

Please reach out and let me know who you are! 

I'm Sorry Story

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My latest publication! I am a contributing author to this year's EduMatch Snapshot in Education for 2019 along with many other amazing educators! 

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