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I wrote the I'm Sorry Story after a few years of teaching fourth and fifth grades. There is a lot of conflict in life and helping students navigate through taking ownership of their mistakes when they hurt others, and making amends is a necessary skill in life. You might have noticed the Dyslexie Font, which has shown to be more helpful to many readers with Dyslexia. I wrote this story to help my students in a way to make it more personal.  I hope to make it a series with other social emotional issues being addressed.


Featured In

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EduMatch Snapshot in Education 2020: Remote Learning Edition
EduMatch® Snapshot in Education 2019: #EduSnap19
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True Story: Lessons That One Kid Taught Us
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The Fire Within: Lessons from defeat that have ignited a passion for learning


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In Melody McAllister’s I’m Sorry Story, she captures the true struggle many children face with impulsivity, reading social cues, and being a good friend. Her main character, Ryan, is so relatable. Watch him through this heartwarming story find his way on the path to true friendships. 

Melissa Sidebotham

 Elementary School Principal, children’s book author Lab Coat Kids, Co-Founder of The EDUTable

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