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In Melody McAllister’s I’m Sorry Story, she captures the true struggle many children face with impulsivity, reading social cues, and being a good friend. Her main character, Ryan, is so relatable. Watch him through this heartwarming story find his way on the path to true friendships.

Melissa Sidebotham

 Elementary School Principal, children’s book author Lab Coat Kids, Co-Founder of The EDUTable

Melody McAllister has created a remarkable story for children of all ages to show that we all make mistakes, but we can always make things right. I'm Sorry Story is an excellent read-aloud for the classroom or home when children need to be reminded that their actions hurt people and there is a right way to apologize. When we show true remorse, we all grow as human beings.

Alice Aspinall 

Secondary Math Teacher, Author of Everyone Can Learn Math, Look For the Math Around You (series)

Great job, Melody McAllister! I love how simple it is but deep as well. These everyday lessons are what kids need support with as they work through all of the different dynamics in their classrooms. 

Dr. Joy, Administrator, Educator, Mother, Author of Children’s Book Back to Zero.

This book sends a great message to its readers. All children will be able to relate to this story. I plan to read the book to my 1st grade students. I'm sure this will help us engage in beneficial conversations about what sorry means. Kudos Melody! 

LaToya Turner Educator, Mother,  Author of Brown Hands, White Sand

An excellent and easy to understand story that can help teach children the difference empathy and compassion can make when they utilize it in their own lives.

Todd Milbourn 

Father of three

This book was an amazing read and provided a way to discuss with my children the importance of accountability in our words. It is common for loosely use the word "sorry" with no personal responsibility or accountability behind the word or statement. However, through the "I'm Sorry Story," Melody makes it clear why it is important--and meaningful--to say "I am sorry for..." vs. brushing off harm or hurt we've caused with a general "sorry" that has no personal accountability behind it. Not only was the story and illustrations relatable, but the discussion questions at the end also provided a thought-provoking guide to discuss the various lessons taught through this text. Still to this day, I reference the "I'm Sorry Story" when teaching my children and students about the importance of words and why what we say and how we say it matters.

Alexes M. Terry, M.A., M.Ed, author of Real Love: Strategies for Reaching Students When They See No Way Out | Educator, Speaker, and Consultant

Former Texas teacher Melody McAllister has written a story that is timely and relatable for the young and the young at heart. In the "my bad" era, it's easy to commit an offense against someone, say "sorry" and move on. Even adults say a quick "I'm sorry" without making restitution or even being aware of your behavior and the need for change.


In this story, with clean colorful illustrations by Rheanna Longoria (perfect for those Zoom and YouTube storytimes!), Melody takes the reader on a journey in which Ryan helps us all remember that "sorry" is more than a word. A great character education choice for bedtime, read-alouds, or class and school libraries.

Hedreich Nichols, Author, Educator, Host of SMallBItes.

Such a wonderful book that puts the concept of an apology into an easy to understand picture book. The skill of apologizing isn’t automatic and the I’m Sorry Story helps provide a friendly way to teach that skill.

Erin Kiger
Instructional Coach

Melody shares an important story of personal connections and building genuine relationships. This is a great story to share with young people of all ages.

Dr. Jacie Maslyk 
Asst. Superintendent, Author of All In: Taking a Gamble for Education, Unlock Creativity, STEAM Makers, Remaking Literacy

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